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Road trip po Črni gori s kombijem - vsi člani BlueMarble Vagabonds v narodnem parku Prokletije

Montenegro With a Van: 2-Week Travelogue Style Itinerary

Vividly green forests, breathtaking views of majestic mountains, the captivating Bay of Kotor, curvy roads, and pristine nature. Traveling through Montenegro with a van feels like finding a wild paradise! This is our 2-week Montenegro van trip itinerary written in a travelogue style.

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Chichen Itza - cover photo for One Month Mexico Itinerary


Mexico is a vast country that covers a land area of almost 2,000,000 square kilometers. So let’s be real –  unless you are planning to

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Hiking in Ushuiai cover photo - the river, muddy meadow and snowy mountains in the distance


Hiking at the end of the world? C’mon, admit it, there’s a super cool edge to it.

And besides, we Slovenians are known to be a “hiking nation”, so when our new friends from the USA invited us to go hiking in Ushuaia together, saying “nope” was not an option. No matter the circumstances.

And that’s perhaps where things started to go wrong.

This is a story about our hilarious hiking in Ushuaia and all the DOs and DON’Ts you should(not) repeat.

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Traditional houses in Prekmurje region, Slovenia


A river that winds lazily across wide plains. White storks nesting on chimneys. Picturesque churches and unique architecture. Lush green hills, lined with vineyards and mighty castles sitting among them. Thermal waters for relaxation and the juiciest Slovenian dessert. Welcome to Prekmurje region in Slovenia!

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ONE-WAY TICKETS… all kinds of them :)

One way ticket cover photo

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Huh, where to start? 🙂

Perhaps with the fact that, already as a little girl, I used to enthusiastically pack my bags and go to a neighbor for “holidays”—I was a little vagabond back then, and my curiosity for new experiences never ceased to grow

At the end of high school, I went on my first real travel – with scouts, we traveled for a couple of weeks around Spain and Portugal, and that kind of lit the spark that had always been there.

But it wasn’t until college, when I had the opportunity to spend two months in Peru (working in a hospital pharmacy and, foremost, exploring the country), that I realized I wanted to travel the world for a longer period of time.

To see, to smell, to taste, to explore, with all the good and the bad that may come along.

Everything from the Easter Island statues, a road trip across the USA, the Great Wall, and the “Tomb Raider” temple (yep, all credits for renaming Angkor Wat go to Angelina Jolie), to the trans-Siberian railway, hiking in faraway lands, yoga in some faraway ashram, the juicy Argentinian steak, and scuba diving in tropical waters—you name it, I probably already have it on my bucket list, which is getting longer and longer.

Considering the average amount of time we have on this planet, one might say I’m a little short on time. 😀 But as much as I’ll be able to explore in this lifetime, it will be great.


UPDATE: Easter Island? Checked! Argentinian steak? Checked! Hiking at the end of the world? Also checked! Scuba diving in tropical waters? Heck yeah, I got my PADI certification in Cozumel in Mexico!!!


Of course, if you’d ask me what my biggest dream is, my answer would be to travel around the world.

But I admit, I somewhat couldn’t wrap my head around the concept of doing it by myself (although I admire all the solo female travelers and I can actually say I TOTALLY regret not doing it in my twenties!).

Besides, I wasn’t really expecting to meet somebody who’d be crazy enough to share my dream.

But then, here it goes—not expecting it, I obviously won my kind of lottery.


I still remember one rainy afternoon when we were couch potatoes, contemplating life, when Bojan suddenly said: “Your idea doesn’t seem so bad at all.”

Saaay whaat?

I tried to hide the excitement, but I was secretly already planning in my head how this would turn into reality.

Although we talked a lot about it later, it somewhat stayed only an idea, a wish that someday may or may not come true. You know, how it’s never quite the right time—you have to finish your master’s, it’s just too much going on at work, then you get a promotion... and you wait and wait and wait, and time goes by.

But then in spring 2016, something unexpected happened (at least for me, I didn’t even consider it, much less see it coming 😀)—Bojan proposed. I was utterly surprised since I really didn’t think we’re gonna talk about marriage for at least the next five (or give it ten) years.

But after all, if you know you met the right person and the idea of spending the rest of your life with them doesn’t put you in “Forrest Gump Mode”, getting the other kind of one-way ticket suddenly doesn’t seem so scary anymore but more like the only natural and exciting thing to do.

Actually, the REAL big question came after that: WHAT TO DO NOW?

Take a loan, buy a house, check another thing off this “socially acceptable grocery list”? (Don’t get me wrong, if this is what you wish, you should totally go for it.)

But this wasn’t us; I mean, if we’d been talking about taking a loan for a van to move into it, perhaps the outcome would be different 😉

So here we are, a couple of months later, selling everything, taking a break from our jobs, and finally, with the one-way tickets in our pockets. All kinds of them, as we are Mr. & Mrs. now.

It’s one hell of a ride waiting for us, and we can’t wait for it!


When do we go? At the beginning of November

Where do we go? We both agreed that we’ll take a break from Asia for a while (although I’ll horribly miss my fried noodles), so we are heading in the opposite direction. 


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