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Yo! We are Sandra & Bojan, quirky vagabonds usually found in the company of a furry member of the pack, Nano.

Our mission? To inspire & help you to open that squeaky fence door of your garden and peek around the corner! Well, and to make you laugh somewhere along the way. The Blue Marble is waiting for you! 

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Hi there! 

We’re super excited that you want to get to know us!

Have you already read all About BlueMarble Vagabonds? Cool, then let us tell you a bit more.




Technically, there’s three of us since you’ll usually find us in the company of a furry member of the pack, Nano.

We found each other at the beginning of 2016 (To channel Nano’s thoughts: Sandra found me and Bojan) on a ski trip.


At skiing - our first photo

That’s us, in the right. At that moment we have known each other for approximately 4 hours. 🙂

As cheesy as it sounds, there was “a connection” from the moment we met. But Bojan claims that me realizing he owns a van with enough space to store TWO mountain bikes kind of sealed the deal 😁. However, we have been wandering around the world together ever since.

In April 2018, Bojan decided to “pop the question” and just half a year later we got married, quit our jobs and went on a year-long honeymoon around the world. During that time Nano had a holiday of his own – he stayed at a 6-star hotel with Bojan’s sister where he was spoiled rotten on a daily basis.


Moments after we have become a married couple. Walking down the aisle, with Nano by our side

And that’s us, moments after buying a very special “one-way tickets” 😉 (Photo Credit: Tomaz Kos Weddings)

During our honeymoon, we dedicated time to travel and to each other (That’s what honeymoons are supposed to be about, Bojan rolled his eyes); therefore, this blog was slightly (er, completely…for the last 6 months 😊) neglected.

But, Bojan being the best husband in the world, he volunteered that after our return he would go back to a “regular” job so Sandra could focus all her time on BlueMarble Vagabonds (well, and some side hustle jobs to support blog expenses 😁).

We have crossed the borders of 15 countries in the last year with so many stories to tell, Sandra could write about them seemingly forever.

But with new adventures already ahead, we’ll try to highlight the most hilarious ones and share with you our best travel tips.



Yep, I am the one who writes articles for this corner of all-mighty web. I also take care of our social media accounts and try to use our camera as often as possible. I am still learning the art of photography, that is to say, and I try to find all possible excuses on why my photos didn’t turn out the way I intended – camera, light, bad day, full moon… you name it 🙂

New adventures, travels or just trips to the seaside or mountains are ALWAYS on my mind and the best feeling in the world, in my opinion, is having a new plane ticket in my pocket even before the last trip has ended.

My family has somewhat gotten used to this (oh, who am I kidding, they still hope I’ll settle down someday 😉 ) and according to them, my free spirit has something to do with my Sagittarius sign (always good to blame the stars ) and grandpa’s genes.

Since I am curious by nature, I aim to try and see as much as possible and it feels like  24 hours in a day is simply not enough to do everything I want.

If I had to choose my three favourite hobbies, I’d say travelling, yoga, mountain biking, Zumba, cuddling with our dog and reading a good book.. oh, I am already over three.

Yoga pose at sunset at Salar de Uyuni

Travel & Yoga – so little to keep me happy! Oh, and guacamole. Lots of guacamole.

My favourite places

It’s extremely difficult to choose. By now I have visited 40+ countries, but the world is so large that it almost feels insignificant.

As my favorite country I’d probably choose Iran, which may be a surprise, but the hospitality of the people is unbelievable. Also, Istanbul is a magical place and since I lived in Turkey for a short period it almost feels like home every time I return there. But my favourite place in the world is somewhere among rice fields in Ubud – yep, I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for Bali.

See, can’t decide!

Not only foreign countries, our Slovenia is beautiful and I absolutely adore it, especially two regions – Soča Valley and Goriška Brda.


Sandra's head at the rice fields in Bali

Don’t bother, I’m just gonna stay here!

How would Bojan describe me?

She is “a nomad soul” who fully enjoys life. A dreamer who needs attention, a lot sometimes. 😉 A simple person who has little patience for narrow-mindedness and dreads the routine. Even though she kept insisting she is not the “mother-type”, things have changed immensely since Nano is in the family. To be honest, I dread the day she will start putting little dresses on him and showing him around in a “Oh look at him, he is the cuteeeeest dog in the world” manner. 🙂




So, it looks like I’ve got a task as well to write something about myself. And since I prefer doing things rather than writing about them, perhaps this even pushed me into mild stress. 😛

Shortly, my goal is to enjoy life, because it is definitely too short to do it any other way. I guess the three of us are doing quite well in that so far 🙂

I come from a region in Slovenia called Dolenjska and I am very proud of it. We have quite famous wine there, called “cviček” but I still prefer beer and plan to brew my own one day.

I am an engineer and love to do something with my own hands rather than simply buy it. I spend a lot of free time working and repairing my bikes (and sometimes I “repair” them too much 😛 ). This is totally opposite to Sandra, who thinks that everything can be bought in a store and you should of course pay for it. On second thought, maybe I should charge her for all the technical solutions I come up with the next time she puts together a project in her mind 🙂

Besides being in my “man bike cave” I enjoy being outside and I have dedicated my time to many different sports, from running, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and cycling to motorbikes and football. Of course, every time I started a new hobby I had to buy all the possible equipment and almost went bankrupt, but hey, you only live once, right? 😉

But for the past few years, I’ve spent most of my free time on my mountain bike or on skis in the winter (freeriding is awesome!). Let us put aside the fact that I could perhaps find some cheaper sports. 😛


Bojan and Torres del Paine in the distance

Always outside!

What I can’t imagine living without?

I cannot imagine my life (besides my wife, of course, gotta put her in the first place 😉 ) without mountain biking, which is why you may find some posts about such trips on our blog as well.

Thankfully Sandra rides bikes too so we can spend time together, and more importantly, she understands all the (un)necessary financial expenses that come with it (and many times I am not even the one who spends the most 😛 ).

And naturally, I cannot forget about my best friend, the one with the nose approximately 15 cm above the ground and a lot of fur. 😉

I’ll never say no to travel and there’s plenty of that with Sandra constantly planning our next trip. I travelled across some countries in Asia, saw a lot of Europe and some of Africa before we met…but with her, I went all around our Blue Marble. 🙂

Even though I am excited about going abroad I have to admit that every time I return to Slovenia, it feels like the most beautiful country in the world to me.


Bojan on his mountain bike

My second biggest love. Not first. Obviously. (Do you remember who is writing this blog? So, obviously.)

What does Sandra say about me?

He is a bigger version of Nano – excited about everything that life has to offer; if he could, he’d eat very often; mildly hyperactive at times and at others his lazy side comes to light and he plays a couch potato.

He is very easygoing and therefore a good influence on my occasionally anxious soul. Since he is more patient and talks less than me, our relationship is possible. 😛 He adores everything furry on four legs; therefore, I haven’t quite yet excluded the option of having a zoo behind our house one day. Or at least a pack of dogs. Despite the fact he is more “domestic” than I am, I guess what he’d enjoy most would be travelling in a van, exploring all the trails around the world with his bike and selling his own beer for a living. 🙂


aaand… MEET NANO


Yep, that would be me, the super-sexy one. And the one who owns all the words to which »the most« can be added to (the most…loud, important, curious, mischievous, furry, spoiled, scared, pet-able, attention needing…).

In short, if anybody is boss around here, that would be me.

I am supposedly a true Jack Russell terrier, even though I have no papers to prove it. Can you believe it? At least I’ve got a passport, thank »dog-god«. Somehow, I am not a typical representative of my breed, since I am only in my thirties and already lazy and shy.

This is completely logical to me though. I do not see any sense in jumping into a potentially dangerous situation with other dogs if I can first assess things with an exploratory ‘sniff’.


Nano close up photo

I mean, aren’t I adorable or what?!

What I don’t like?

Well, that is a strong word. Maybe I’d rather comment on what I don’t trust, and what makes me squeeze my tail between my legs and run into the safe environment of my nest (or in critical moments under the bed, one can never know).

So, my ears stand up when it is dark outside. Or when I see people who seem »weird«. And when I hear disturbing sounds. Like thunder or fireworks, but also when I hear a plane high up in the sky, the neighbour closing the door or a strange noise in the nearby bush.

Canals and bridges are weird too. When I walk upstairs, I use the outer part so that I can simultaneously check what is going on below. But when I reach the floor, I move to the wall-side for safety reasons. I don’t quite understand why everybody seems to get caught in my leash.

Probably I could find another thing or twenty, that occasionally bother me, but I can’t remember right now.

What I like to do?

Oh, many many things! But besides sleeping I absolutely love when we go somewhere!

Usually, they don’t need to finish the sentence »Nano, should we go to..« and I am already all packed and ready for a new adventure.

I don’t really mind whether it is a short ride to the nearby store, a walk up the hill or a whole day trip with mountain bikes (I aaabsolutely adore them and run after every mountain bike I manage to locate regardless of who is sitting on it).

I think vagabonding is the best thing in the world and Bojan says that we have that in common with Sandra.

Nano running, a suitcase in the distance

My motto: Always say YES to new adventures!




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