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Well, welcome fellow adventurer, I’m stoked you’re here! 

You’ve stumbled upon a witty adventure travel blog where you’ll find a bunch of outdoor travel guides, travel itineraries and van travel tipsEr – mostly. Because we do LOVE to eat. And we’ll never skip visiting yet another winery, brewery or distillery…or all of them, tbh. Gotta stay hydrated and all that. 

I’m Sandra, a nomadic soul and an avid avocado eater. Usually, you’ll find me in the company of my hubby Bojan, another quirky vagabond, two furry members of the pack, Nano & Nui, and Loki the Van

My ultimate goal is to inspire you to open the squeaky gates of your garden (okay, the apartment door will do as well) and peek around the corner – and to help you plan your adventures, of course! And if I can manage to make you snort-laugh along the way, well, that’s just an added bonus.

The Blue Marble is waiting for you! (I know, it’s corny – but it’s true!)

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SAAY WHAT? 14 countries, 3 continents, 2 backpacks, 1 Pisco the Van, tons of pasta and countless amazing adventures (and a little bit of romance, duh)! Wanna know more about our epic honeymoon? Let’s go on an adventure! 


Clumsy AF? You bet! Sh*t-scared sometimes? Gosh, absolutely! But mountain biking, scuba diving, skiing, hiking (er – basically any kind of fun, adrenaline-pumping activity) – that’s what gets us going!


Feeling kinda lazy? Need help with planning your adventures? In search of some no-BS travel tips to make the most of your travels? Yo, I’ve got you covered! Browse here to find day-by-day travel itineraries!


Sometimes funny, other times dreamy and  inspirational (are they?), on more than one occasion semi-horrific (ya’ know, the type of things that follow the innocent question “What could possibly go wrong?”), but always sassy and honest AF.