From the mighty peaks in Patagonia and the vibrant markets in Guatemala, through the deserts in Chile and hobbit holes in New Zealand, to the pyramids in Mexico and European capitals … here you’ll find travel guides and stories from quite a few places in the world!

Umm, actually, we visited many more places and countries than you can find here on the blog – before we knew each other and after – but to write about all of them, we’d need years of extra time (er – and more importantly, a time machine to go back since at that time we didn’t know a thing about taking pictures🤣). And also, I’m not a super huge fan of counting the countries I visited  – I prefer slow traveling and immersing myself in one place for a true experience.  But if you’re wondering – it’s probably more than 60. Countries, I mean, not years. I’m not that old. Yet. 

Looking for travel stories, travel tips, travelogues, or itineraries? Just pick a country, and it’s all there!

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