Active volcanoes with bubbling lava, surf-worthy waves, tropical forests, colonial towns, long stretches of white beaches, and beautiful lakes – are you tempted to visit Nicaragua? We bet you are!

We stayed in Nicaragua for less time than we would have liked, and we had to skip the tropical Corn Islands (another reason to come back again!), but we did explore most of the western part of the country with our rental car and had a lot of fun! We are sure you’ll love Nica too –  er, if you manage to find the shade in hot León. 😉

Take a look at our Nicaragua articles and start dreaming (or planning)!

Nicaragua Articles

Cathedral in Leon (Travel tips Nicaragua)


Nicaragua is an interesting and diverse travel destination in Central America, which will inspire both nature lovers and adrenaline enthusiasts. Columbus reached the area of today’s Nicaragua already in 1502 and surely he was enchanted by the beauty of the country as well – hey, you never know, perhaps he went sledding down the volcano as well 😉

We’ve put together travel tips for Nicaragua to help you plan your next trip.

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)Us in the cute potato bags :P (Cerro Negro)


No, there’s no winter in Nicaragua. And certainly, you won’t find snow there. However,  volcano boarding in Leon (er –  perhaps it’s more sledding?) is one of the most popular activities in Nicaragua. Actually, it’s so popular that it supposedly made it to the list of the craziest things that you should do in your life (or so we were told?). Read about the crazy experience from our point of view! All the practical info are included as well.

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