“How much money do I need to travel in X?” is a question we ask ourselves before going somewhere.

Well, in reality, you can easily travel on a (super tight) budget, especially if you decide to volunteer or you don’t mind house-sitting. On the other hand, “the sky is the limit”. 🙂

But with our travel budget breakdown articles, you can at least get a rough idea of ​​how much the lodging, food, transportation, entry fees, and other things cost in each country. This way, you can plan your own travel budget according to your travel style and preferences.

Travel Budget Articles



Soon after we embarked on our yearlong honeymoon, we started getting questions from our friends, relatives and even some strangers (ok, my mom’s coworkers who were pushed to read this blog, but anyway).
Do you think they wanted to know how we were doing, how we felt about Latin America or what our favourite things were?
Yeah, right.
They were all interested in one thing only.

Check our Mexico travel budget breakdown for 44 days in Mexico. As a backpacker, you can easily travel in Mexico for less than $40 per day!

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