United Kingdom – a place that is home to red telephone booths, mighty castles, green hills, THE Queen (or so it was…) and Harry Potter.

I visited the UK for the first time almost 15 years ago with my scout group, and in those few weeks of traveling around England and Scotland, I fell under the country’s charm. 

Tell me, how could you not fall in love with all those cute cobbled houses, fluffy hills, green landscapes, and mighty castles? TBH, the UK could do something about that constant drizzle and their cuisine. But hey – I guess one can’t have everything! 😁

With Bojan, we visited the UK twice – once we went to London (I got a letter from Hogwarts for my birthday!) and the second time to Wales. Wales indeed looks like a place from a fairytale! (er – except that it doesn’t rain in fairytales)

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London parliament


I guess a bunch of you have already been in London, lucky ones probably even more times but anyway – here is some information that

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