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Hey! We are Bojan & Sandra, two vagabonds usually found in the company of a furry member of the pack, Nano.

We have just returned from a year-long honeymoon around our Blue Marble and are already planning new adventures!

Here you’ll find a bunch of travel tips and witty stories with our sole mission to inspire you to open that squeaky fence door of your garden and peek around the corner. The Blue Marble is waiting for you! 😉

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February 21, 2018

I guess a bunch of you have already been in London, lucky ones probably even more times but anyway – here is some information that someone may find useful one day. 🙂 If you have any additional questions you can always contact us ([email protected]) and we’ll be more than happy to help.


When you will arrive at the airport it is easiest to go to the city by bus. You can buy tickets in advance online ( which is really convenient. The second option is train which is already more expensive but of course, if your luggage has a name (Louis Vitton girls, I’m talking to you), than taxi will be probably waiting for you outside the airport 😉

To move around London easily you can buy and Oyster card (you pay deposit for it) and put money on it. If you don’t use all the money it is returned. Even easier is to use your contactless card which is also the cheapest option. The only thing you should take into consideration in this case is that you “touch the button” when you go in and out of the station otherwise maximum daily amount is taken from your card. I have missed that “box with button” once of course 😉


London offers countless options for more or less high prices (hotels, hostels, B&B, Airbnb,..). We have found a nice apartment on Airbnb for a reasonable price with shared kitchen and bathroom and we even ended up alone in the apartment, which was pretty cool.


Needless to say, London is an expensive city. Many museums are free of charge but for others prices are around 25€ and more. It is not a bad idea to buy tickets in advance online since it is possible to save up to 30% (but it is usually necessary to choose the day or even hour of the visit). It is also helpful if you plan to see things which are close to each one for one day and you can save quite some money on transportation (not to mention all the time).

We have spent approximately 800€ for 2 people in 4 days (including accommodation and plane ticket from Slovenia). If you are travelling on budget, it is best to buy plane tickets with budget airline companies (like RyanAir, EasyJet, WizzAiar..), make a reservation of your accommodation well in advance (and choose the one you can cook in it which saves tons of money), visit museum that are for free, rent a bike…it is definitely possible to spend less. We could too… we haven’t, but it’s good to know we could 😉