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January 31, 2018
Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that when you click, we get a small percentage (we’re literally talking pennies here folks!) of the purchase at absolutely no extra cost to you. This allows us to keep creating great travel tips for free and… Ah, who are we kidding here, we’re gonna spend them by buying yet another flashy toy for our dog which His Highness will promptly ignore.


They say that beginning is the most difficult, no matter what you are starting to do – maybe pursuing new career, moving to the new city or simply starting with that diet which always begins on next Monday and at least with me, infamously ends with the chocolate after lunch. Oh, and the 1st January, that one is especially tricky – you know, how we are all super busy with all the resolutions that we will make come true next year for suuuure.

Well, with that in mind I decided some very long time ago, specifically on 31st of December 2016 that 2017 will be the year when I accomplish the following:
1. I spent more days one bike
2. I go at least once a week to a yoga class
3. I take care of my poor stomach (yep, pantoprazole was my best friend at that time and I solemnly swear it wasn’t because of wine 😀 )
4. I go to a workshop for photography
5. Once per two weeks I bake something healthy (sweet without sugar? Yeah, that one didn’t stand a chance from the beginning) and TANANANNAAAAA (trumpets in the background)
6. That I finally start to write my travel blog, with, I quote »biking trips included«.

Of course in the blink of an eye this list was forgotten and I didn’t remember it I guess until late November when I realized somewhat with surprise that hey, maybe I’ve even partially realized these so optimistically set goals. While of course no. 5 was a total failure (what can one do, chocolate is chocolate 🙂 ), I was more or less successful at biking and yoga. Of course this depended on a season, my immune system (it’s so great that you can sneeze at me and you won’t see me around for a couple of weeks) and what I call the »sloth intensity level«. But hey, gotta give myself some credit, at least I accomplished something partially, especially if I take into account that resolutions no. 3 and 4 were actually realized. Yeeey! 😉

But anyhow, being totally honest, I should say that I wasn’t really planning on doing all these things, they just somewhat happened. Which brings us to (in)famous number 6, for which there is a slightly different story behind. I remembered quite often that I really wanted to start a blog (like, since I was 20 😀 ) and when the end of the year was approaching, this thought started to raise its voice or  even better, making »raaawr« sounds. »Next month I could start«, it said in March. »In July we go to French Alpes for biking, this could be the thing to write about«. »Ok, in September, when we return from Malaysia«. »Hey you, move that ass!« (or should I say fingers), and »Procrastinating again, huh. Like fort he past 10 years, nothing new.« »Tomorrow, do you hear me, TOMORROW! (can you feel the guilt, cuz I am 😀 ). When I was at one TEDX event I heard that this voice is called »Procrastination Monster«. Aha, I knew it has to have a name! It’s just that tiny thing that supposedly this monster than makes you super productive and then you somehow manage to learn 300 pages just in a night before the exam or you fill in the taxes just before the deadline.
Nope. A-aa. I wouldn’t know.

I guess I am that exception which instead of becoming extra productive, freezes instead. So if I realized I didn’t study enough, I just started to panic and rather went to sleep so that unpleasant feeling »went away quickly«. Probably I don’t need to tell you that I failed all those exams. It was statistically expected, nevertheless. So, taking into account that when I am writing this, number on the calendar is 31st January 2018, I probably don’t need to tell you as well how did the blog thing go. Or didn’t go. Actually, on 29th of December I started to read articles about domains, hosting and other alien topics quite enthusiastically and I guess it was around noon when panic started to kick in. Oh, how familiar. And I was optimistically expecting other result than like in 1000 other similar situations. However, I even managed to buy a domain but when I stumbled upon expressions like multilingual plug-ins, widgets and other nonsense, waterfalls behind my eyelashes started to flow like it’s first spring rain. Joke aside, maybe this is easy for many people, but if I would put my knowledge about computer science in a drawer, it would probably end up somewhere beside rocket science. Or in a drawer below that.

But thankfully my »better half« is more technically based and constantly saves me from »what does this button do« situations (and changes the light bulb from time to time 😉 ) And so a couple of weeks, one cold and two trips later the website is set up and I can finally focus on my favorite topic – dreaming 😛 Sometimes about pink unicorns who poop rainbows but mostly about where’ve been, what impressed us most and where to next. Always where to next. To the fairytale woods around the corner, dusted museums in picturesque cities, under the water or behind the palm trees, above (and many times in) the clouds…but foremost, around and around our blue marble. In the company of my favorite boys, of course.

Actually just a week ago we have returned from a trip in London (well, furry friend stayed at home as planes would probably cause that even more of his fur would be falling down 😀 ). If I would follow plan that I had imagined, I’d probably now write about London and not about how I missed the imaginary deadline, for a whole month, to be exact. 😛 Better late than never ? 🙂 Maybe this year resolution should be that I stop procrastinating. But….tomorrow is already February. Oh well, next year than. 🙂