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November 27, 2018
Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that when you click, we get a small percentage (we’re literally talking pennies here folks!) of the purchase at absolutely no extra cost to you. This allows us to keep creating great travel tips for free and… Ah, who are we kidding here, we’re gonna spend them by buying yet another flashy toy for our dog which His Highness will promptly ignore.


Trinidad is a small, quiet, sleepy picturesque town, which every tourist visiting Cuba should see. The colourful single-story houses dating to the times of the Spanish colonial period, adorned by fabulous terraces, the countless cobbled streets, several stands, where one can buy novelty actually produced in Cuba and vivid Latina music playing on the market square every night. I know, sounds touristy, but trust me, the town of Trinidad has its charm. Unlike Vandero to the north with its 20km beach (which is outstanding otherwise) and filled with giant hotel resorts, modern bars and sleek fashionable shops (which are still considered science fiction elsewhere on Cuba), Trinidad somehow managed to uphold its charms. Even with the countless flocks of tourists.

So we took our time to just wander aimlessly around the streets and explore the “artesania” (handicraft) markets and we also went to see one of the waterfalls that are scattered nearby (well, in the end it turned out to be quite a hike! 😊). Since we felt a little lazy to deal with taxis, we stopped by in the agency that is also recommended by Lonely Planet – Paradiso (located in the ARTex building, near the park Cespedes). Great decision in the end – the tour was great, with English speaking guide (good for Bojan 😉) and additionally we agreed upon salsa class that they offer as well.  We felt that if we don’t try salsa here, we will never try it – so of course we had to give it a go! 😊

The Paradiso holds salsa classes every day, cca. Between 10am and 4pm and if you are a bit lucky (as we were), nobody else shows up and you get to have your own private salsa lesson! 😊

I’ve tried once before New York style salsa (but it didn’t go too well for me 😊) and besides few moves from Zumba I am pretty much unfamiliar with the dance itself and Bojan somehow didn’t dance salsa on metal concerts as well. 😊 So, we were total newbies and had no expectations whatsoever. But we were pleasantly surprised! The class was in English and the teacher had professional approach – we proceeded step by step. Firstly, he showed few steps for women and I had to repeat, that Bojan had to do the same and finally we repeated with the music. Only after we mastered steps by ourselves, we were allowed to try in pair – again without music at first and then with it, until we managed to dance without mistakes.

At the end of the hour we were already able to perform few dance figures which, in my opinion, present good basic for further learning – either at class or in the evening when live music is played at the main square (and with the help of few mojitos 😉). If we’d stay in Trinidad a few days more we would take some more classes for sure since we really loved it.

So if you ever considered dancing Cuban salsa, the Trinidad is a place for it! Let’s salsa 😊