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Us three on the wooden bridge.
Yass, you’ve crossed the bridge to be our bestie!  (photo by our dear friend Gasper.R.Photo)


Well, hi there!

One enormous welcome hug from us and one loud welcome woof from Nano.

We are super-duper happy that you have decided to join our awesome Vagabond Community.

Don’t worry, we promise we won’t spam you. We aren’t fans of daily emails mildly pushing you to buy something either (except for Nano, he would buy whatever treats he was offered if we only paid for them).

We’ll only stuff your inbox with our best travel tips and tricks along with all what’s new on the blog so that you’ll stay up to date all the time (because we ALL know just how kind Facebook is with showing content nowadays).

How often? 

Well, (more or less) regularly. Month-ish-ly (is this even a word?).  Once or twice a month! 🤞 😀

In addition:

Like what? you probably wonder.

Well, for example, when round-the-world plane tickets will become free we’ll let you know FOR SURE.

And when Nano learns a new trick (just kidding).

But also, when there’ll be a new freebie available for you! Yes, you’ve heard that right – as a part of this community, you’ll receive some free stuff as well! (We just looove free stuff, send us some if you have it. No, really, do send us, Sandra is obsessively collecting all kinds of printable pdfs she will never use.)



If you want to know more about us, this page would be a good place to start. And we explained all about BlueMarble Vagabonds travel blog here.


Remember that about being travel besties?

Well, we’d like to get to know you as well!

Do you have a travel question, a post request or would love to give us feedback about something we wrote about? Or would you just simply like to say hi?

Reach us at [email protected] and let’s connect!


Thanks again for signing up, you’re the best😊

Happy Vagabonding,










P.S. I (Sandra) sincerely apologize if you’ll notice any grammar mistakes in our emails or on this website (already blushing in advance ). I am far from perfect (perfectly clumsy on the other hand, that’s something we could talk about) and the same goes for my English. I always strive to improve though (re-editing our old articles currently!) so I’ll be extremely grateful if you could just – er- turn a blind eye to those tiny errors. 🙏😳