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Who are we?

Hi there! We are Bojan & Sandra, quirky vagabonds usually found in the company of a furry member of the pack, Nano. We have recently returned from an epic year-long honeymoon around the Blue Marble and are now sharing our adventures from more known and off-beat places with you. After all, we drove around South America in our converted van for 5 months!

Here you’ll find a bunch of travel itineraries and tips for budget-friendly and adventurous travel. Er – mostly. One just can’t say no to a rice field villa in Bali or another beer…or five. Right?!  Our sole mission is to inspire & help you to open that squeaky fence door of your garden and peek around the corner! Well, and hopefully to make you laugh somewhere along the way. The Blue Marble is waiting for you! 😁

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SAAY WHAT? 14 countries, 3 continents, 2 backpacks, 1 Pisco, a lot of pasta  and countless amazing adventures (and a little bit of romance, duh)! Wanna know more obout our epic honeymoon? Let’s go on an adventure! 


Yeah, Sandra is extremely clumsy. Yep, she is bit**ing all the way going uphill. Sh*t-scared sometimes? You bet! But, mountain biking, scuba diving, hiking (er – basically any kind of fun, adrenaline pumping activity) – that’s what gets us going!


Feeling kinda lazy? Looking for some inspiration? In search for some badass travel tips to make most of your time when traveling to a destination? Yo’, we’ve got you covered! Browse here to find day-by-day itineraries!


Sometimes funny, other times dreamy and  inspirational (are they?), on more than one occasion semi-horrific (y’ know, that type of things that follow innocent question “What could possibly go wrong?”), but always sassy and honest AF.