Sandra - BlueMarble Vagabonds


I’ve almost typed “I’m the most…” but then I remembered this adjective is already taken by someone else 😉 But I am definitely the one that spends the unbelievable amount of time dreaming so I’ll be the one sharing my thoughts here on blog, at least most of the time. I also take care for our Instagram and try to press button on camera as much as possible. I am a complete amateur, that is to say, so I try to find all possible excuses why photo didn’t turn out good – camera, light, bad day, full moon.. you name it 🙂

New adventures, travels or just trips to the seaside or mountains are always on my mind and the best feeling on the world in my opinion is having a new plane ticket in the pocket even before my last trip has ended. My family somewhat got used to this (oh, who am I kidding, they still hope I’ll settle down someday 😉 ) and according to them, my free spirit has something to do with my Sagittarius sign (so good to blame the stars 😉 ) and grandpa’s genes. Already as a little girl I used to pack my suitcase and go to a neighbor for a whole week and with growing up, my “vagabonding need” grew as well. We absolutely agree with Nano – as long as we are going somewhere, we are happy and if there’s good food and someone interesting to meet as well, that’s even better.

I am a pharmacist by profession and if I could choose I’d probably (someday somewhere) own a small teahouse with home grown tea and cupcakes by the side, offering yoga classes and natural cosmetic 🙂 And naturally, I’d travel couple of months per year.

Since I am curious by nature, I am aiming to try as much as possible and I sometimes worry that one lifetime won’t be enough for all the things I want to do. Therefore I change my hobbies almost as often as my pants and don’t stick to most of them because 24 hours is simply not enough (especially if you are a sloth and need at least 8 hours of sleep in order not to be zombie). If I’d have to choose my favorite three, I’d say travelling, yoga, mountain biking, Zumba, “slothing” with Nano and reading a good book.. oh, I am already over three.

I don’t like things like prejudice, narrow-mindedness and unwritten standards about how someone should live. Hey, everyone should do it their way, don’t you think? 😉


Iran, desert nights


It’s really difficult to choose. By now I have visited around 30 countries,  but the world is so large that it almost feels insignificant. As my favorite country I’d probably choose Iran, which surprises in any way possible and hospitality of the people is unbelievable. Also Istanbul is a magical place for me and since I lived in Turkey for a short period of time it almost feels like home every time I return there. But not only foreign countries, also Slovenia is beautiful and I absolutely adore it, especially two regions – Soča Valley and Goriška Brda.





She is a travelling sloth who fully enjoys her free time outside of work. A dreamer who needs attention, a lot sometimes 😉 Simple person who dislikes narrow-mindedness and gets bored quickly. Semi-hypochondriac (thankfully always equipped with enough different pills 😉 ) who needs well intended criticism from time to time. Even though she keeps insisting she is not a “mother-type” of a person, things have been changing since Nano is in the family. To be honest, I dread the one day  she will start putting little dresses on him and showing him around in a “Oh look at him, he is the moooost cute dog in the world” manner. 🙂