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One of my favorite parts of blogging? Pinterest! I’ve been on this platform practically since it came out and it’s by far my favorite! Why? Because it is not yet another social media platform (as an introvert, I can’t tell you what a relief that is), but a visual search engine

I mean, I can get lost for hours there, making travel plans, searching for juicy recipes, virtually decorating our apartment…or  do something slightly more beneficial – drive traffic to our blog.

Did you know that more than 300 million people use Pinterest every month and more than half of them with the intention to shop ?! 

This is mind-blowing and if you’re not using Pinterest to its full potential yet, you’re missing out a lot! 


Pinterest platform is constantly changing and evolving and if you’re running a business, it’s difficult to keep up with all the changes. Maybe you’re already using Pinterest but feel like you still don’t understand it? Or perhaps you simply don’t have time or energy to learn all about it or feel like pin design is really not your thing? Well, this is where I – Pinterest no. 1 fan – come in!

Pinterest assistant (yes, me) will help you by taking on some of daily tasks so you can focus on doing what you love. 

Whether you are a blogger or a business owner looking to maximize Pinterest presence and grow your brand awareness, website traffic, sales and clients leads, I’m here to help you!

save time

increase traffic

icnrease sales

Pinterest Set Up Services

Pinterest and Tailwind account set up services for those businesses and bloggers that haven’t started using Pinterest just yet. 



Who it is for:

If you don’t have a business account, this package will be perfect for you! 

What includes:

Creating a new business account

Verifying your account

Optimizing account profile

Enabling rich pins

Creating 10 relevant niche boards for your Pinterest market (including board design, optimization & adding 20 niche pins to each board)

Creating your “Best of” Board

Finding & following 100 niche accounts

Finding & applying to 5 niche group boards

Creating 10 pins and uploading them to relevant boards



Who it is for:

For anybody who wants to save tons of time by scheduling pins in advance.  Plus, Tailwind helps you track analytics and expand your reach through Tailwind Tribes.   

What includes:

Creating and connecting Tailwind account to Pinterest

Uploading your pins to Tailwind as drafts

Creating monthly interval schedule with best times to pin

Researching & joining 5 Tailwind Tribes

Setting up Board Lists for future scheduling

Pin Design Packages

A beautiful pin design is a key component of a successful pin. If you’re not ready for monthly management, these packages are available to you.







*If photos are not provided, additional fees apply for image search.

Pinterest Account Audit

If you’re already using Pinterest but not sure about the next steps, Pinterest account audit will help you move in the right direction.



Who it is for:

You already have an account but you’re not sure whether you should change something and how to proceed. You’d like to implement changes by yourself.  

What includes:

Overall audit of Pinterest account

Review of up to 30 boards and 15 Tailwind Tribes

A detailed PDF report

Recommended changes to get your account moving in the right direction (with optional one-to-one consultation)



Who it is for:

For anybody who wants a complete audit of their account and doesn’t have the knowledge or time to implement suggested improvements – I will do all the work for you!   

What includes:

Includes everything from the Account Audit plus:

Implementation of recommended changes

Creating up to 5 niche-specific boards and adding 10 pins to each board / Merging personal boards

Applying to up to 5 niche-specific group boards and 3 Tailwind Tribes (optional)

A detailed PDF report 

Further recommendations to get your account moving in the right direction (with optional one-to-one consultation)

A follow up session to check the progress

Pinterest Monthly Management

For bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to focus on their business and leave monthly tasks to me.



Who it is for:

For a blogger or a business owner who lacks time to manage Pinterest effectively and doesn’t have a lot of content yet.  

What includes:

Scheduling up to 450 pins via Tailwind* (yours and relevant curated content)

Designing & uploading 20 new pins

Analyzing group board performance

Creation of new niche-specific personal and group boards if needed

Board & Pin SEO optimization

Tailwind Tribes search & maintenance

Following 50 relevant accounts in your niche

Monthly monitoring and reporting



Who it is for:

For bloggers and business owners who understand a good Pinterest strategy is crucial for business growth and regularly produce new content or products.

What includes:

Scheduling up to 600 pins via Tailwind* (yours and curated content)

Designing & uploading 30 new pins

Analyzing group board performance

Creation of new niche-specific personal and group boards if needed

Board & Pin SEO optimization 

Tailwind Tribes search & maintenance

Following 100 relevant account in your niche

Monthly report & custom marketing strategy for the upcoming month

*Tailwind account required by client for monthly service packages.

À la carte Pinterest Services

Pinterest VA services customized specifically for your needs.

You haven’t found what you’re looking for yet? Let’s chat and see how can I help you!

What else we can discuss:

  • Custom monthly management packages 
  • Custom pin design packages
  • Completion of Pinterest threads
  • … you tell me! 


I would love to get in touch with you! Let’s chat and see how we can make your business PINTASTIC! 🙂  

You can also reach me directly at [email protected]