Nano - BlueMarble Vagabonds


Yep, that would be me, the super-sexy one. And the one who owns all the words to which »the most« can be added (the most…loud, important, curious, mischievous, furry, spoiled, scared, pet-able, attention need-ed, ..). In short, if anybody is boss around here, that would be me. I am supposedly an original Jack Russell terrier, even though I have no papers to prove it. Can you believe it ? At least I’ve got a passport, thank »dog-god«. Also I am described as not typical representative of my bread, since I am only in my thirties and already quite (sometimes chronically) lazy and also shy. This is completely logical to me, I do not see any sense in jumping into other puppies, if I can only snuffle them, before I identify whether they are a dangerous sort to me.


Well, that is a strong word. Maybe I’d rather comment what I don’t trust to and makes me squeeze my tail between my legs and run into safety environment of my nest (or in critical moments under the bed, one can never know). So, my ears stand up when there is dark outside. Or when I see people which seem »weird« to me. And at disturbing sounds. Like the thunder or fireworks, but also when I hear a plane high above the sky, the neighbor closing the door or strange noise in the nearby bush. Canals and bridges are weird too. When I walk the stairs, I use outer part of stairs so that I can simultaneously check what is going on below but when I reach a floor I move to the wall-side for the safety reasons. I quite don’t understand why everybody gets caught in my leash. When I go to make a poo, I like my peace therefore I sometimes make 20 circles or more before I find a spot where I feel I won’t be disturbed. Sandra and Bojan get red in the face sometimes when I do that, I su

ppose they must be tired or something, there is no other explanation possible. Probably I could find another thing or two..or fifty, that occasionally bother me, but I can’t remember right now.



Ufff, many many things! But besides resting I absolutely love when we go somewhere! Usually they don’t need to finish the sentence »Nano, should we go to..« and I am already all packed and ready for a new adventure and I don’t really mind whether this is a short ride to the nearby store, a walk up the hill or whole day trip with mountain bikes (I aaabsolutely adore them and run after every mountain bike I manage to locate regardless who is sitting on it). Wandering is the best thing on the world and Bojan says that we have that in common with Sandra. While I like being a vagabond I am also very happy when we come to places that are dog-friendly so we will woof about them on this blog as well.