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So, I’ve got a task as well to write something about myself. And since I prefer doing things rather that writing about them perhaps this even pushed me in a mild stress 😛 Shortly, my goal is to enjoy life, because it is definitely too short to do it any other way. I guess us three are doing quite well, at least so far 🙂

If anybody would ask me what I think about life, I’d say that is one big cruel party 😉 I come from a region in Slovenia called Dolenjska and I am very proud of it. We have quite famous vine there, called “cviček” but I prefer beer over it and plan to brew my own one day.

I am not fond of people who accuse someone or something without knowing all the facts, big “egos” and the ones who are always very smart to tell you what is in their opinion right (and that everything else is, naturally, wrong). Live and let live 🙂

I am an engineer and love to do something with my own hands rather than simply buy it. I spend a lot of free time working and repairing my bikes (sometimes I “repair” them too much :P) This is totally opposite from Sandra who thinks that everything can be bought in a store and you should of course pay for it. On second thought, maybe I should charge her for all the technical solutions I come up with after she comes with another project she has put together in her mind 🙂

Beside being in my “man bike cave” I enjoy being outside and I have dedicated my time to many different sports, from running, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, cycling to the motorbikes and football. Of course every time I had to buy all possible equipment and almost went bankrupt, but hey, you live only once, right? 😉


Malaysia. Sometimes tea replaces the beer. Sometimes. 😉

But for the past few years I spent most time on my mountain bike(s) or on skis in the winter (freeride is awesome!). Let us put aside the fact that I could find maybe some cheaper sports 😛

Enduro race

I cannot imagine my life (beside my woman of course, gotta put her at first place 😉 ) without mountain biking, that’s why you may find some posts about such trips on blog as well. Thankfully Sandra rides bikes too so we can spend time together and more importantly, she understand all (un)necessary financial expenses that come with this sport (and many times I am not the one who spends the most, I wonder why is that so :P). And naturally, I cannot forget about my best friend, the one with nose approximately 30 cm above the ground and a lot of fur 😉

I’ll never say no to travel and definitely there’s plenty of that with Sandra constantly planning our next trip. I have travelled across some countries in Asia, seen a lot of Europe and some of desert…but I have a feeling that with her, I’ll “have to” go all around the blue marble 🙂 Even though I am excited about going abroad I have to admit that every time I return to Slovenia, to me it feels like the most beautiful country in the world.



He is bigger version of Nano – excited about everything that life has to offer, if he could, he’d eat very often, mildly hyperactive at some times when at others his “sloth” version comes to a light and then he is playing burrito on a couch.

He is very easygoing and therefore a good influence on my occasionally anxious soul. Since he talks less than me, our relationship is possible :P, especially when he pretends he is listening to my babbling about the meaning of life or our about a travel blogger whose video I have just seen. Shortly, more patient than me. He adores everything furry on four legs therefore I haven’t quite yet excluded the option of having a zoo behind a house one day. Or at least a pack of dogs. Despite that fact he is more “domestic” than I am, I guess he’d enjoy most if he would be travelling in his van around Europe, exploring all the single trails with his bike and sell his own beer for a living. 🙂