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January 12, 2019

Mexico covers almost 2,000,000 square kilometres. So, this is approximately 100 times mores than our country, Slovenia. Since, in my opinion, you need already an enormous amonut of time to explore our tiny home country, imagine how much time you’d need for Mexico then 😊 So unless you move to Mexico and dedicate your whole life to travel around it, you won’t be able to really see it all. 🙂 But if you like colorful colonial towns, Mayan pyramids and tacos or white sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs, you should definitely at least visit Mexico! Below is our day-by-day Mexico itinerary which you can, of course, shorten/extend and adjust it according to the amount of your free time and your budget.


No. of days: 30

Day 1: Flight to Cancun, followed by a domestic flight to Cuidad de Mexico (Mexico City). Or direct flight to Mexico City if this is cheaper for you, of course 🙂

Day 2-5: Explore the capital of Mexico and its surrounding area – here you will find your ultimate Mexico City itinerary.

Our lodging in Mexico City: Hotel Mala Vecindad

Day 6: Head to to Oaxaca. When you are settled down, l walk around the city streets and surely there will be a carnival or street music somewhere. Join! 😊 We wrote here about why Oaxaca is our favorite place in Mexico.

Our lodging in Oaxaca: Andaina Youth Hostel

Day 7: Go on one of the trips that are offered by agencies in Oaxaca, because you will see the most of the places that way (unless you have your car – in this case, you can explore everything by yourself). You’ll be able to visit the monuments of Monte Alba or Mitla, see how they make colorful carpets, try many flavors of the mezcal (this we definitely not recommened if travelling by car :P), jump into cold natural infinity pools and admire the “frozen” waterfalls in Hierve del Agua.

Day 8: From Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido. You can travel there with a van for €10 (8 hours driving, a very bumpy and “curvy”road) or you can fly with a small airplane for €50. If we’ll ever go again, we will definitely choose the latter 😊

Our lodging in Puerto Escondido: Bonobo Surf House


Day 9 – 11: Just enjoy yourself, and spend time soaking in the sun and surfing. 😊 You can go see the fantastic phenomenon of bioluminescence or join the daily release of young turtles into the sea (performed by non-profit organization on one of the beaches). Tip: If you prefer meditation / yoga, instead of Puerto Escondida, Mazunte will be THE place for you. Then take an overnight bus to San Cristobal.

Day 12: San Cristobal de las Casas. If you won’t be too tired form the overnight bus, take a free walking tour around the city at 10 am (or at 4pm if you’re not a morning person). Simply show up near the cross in the main square and you’ll see all the gringos gathering. 🙂 Fun and interesting morning! For the rest of the day, explore the town by yourself.

Our lodging in San Cristobal de las casas: B&B Le Gite del Sol

Local lady from San Cristobal

Local lady from San Cristobal

Day 13: Join the tour to the Canon del Sumidero. The canyon itself s really magnificent, and with a bit of luck, you will also see a lot of monkeys, birds and two crocodiles that give the impression they are being payed for to pose for photos. Take it easy in the afternoon, since at night you again have a 9-hour long trip to Palenque (there is also a half shorter route, but the buses do not take that rout as road blocks by locals are not uncommon). The alternative is also to stay another night in San Cristobal and travel during the day.

Day 14: PalenqueThe town is extremely small and there is not much to do around there beside visiting the nearby ruins. Nevertheless, since it is best to visit the ruins in the morning when there are no crowds and it is not too hot, just take a day to relax a bit. Drink a beer. Or five. 🙂

Our lodging in Palenque: Hotel Maya Rue


Tomb Raider, Bojan’s edition

Day 15: After visiting the pyramid in Palenque, head to Campeche. You will definitely arrive by the time for dinner  there – now you are already deep in Yucatan, it’s time to award yourself with a big margarita 😉 (if you have not yet by then)

Day 16: Campeche is not such a big place and you can see it in a day, and afterwards continue your journey towards Merida, the capital of the state of Yucatan.

Our lodging in Merida: Hotel Doralba Inn

Day 17: Merida hides a great number of museums and exhibitions that are squeezed around the main square and, the best part, they are all for free! Dinner tip: Las Vigas was our favorite local food restaurant in Mexico. Huge, tasty, cheap! 🙂

Day 18: Trip to Celestun. Thousands and thousands of pink flamingos that glide across the Celestun lagoon is surely a view that is not to be missed! 😉

Chicken fight ;)

Chicken fight 😉

Day 19: Chichen Itza. No matter when you visit it, there will be a lot of people around – this happens when you are named “one of the wonders of the world”. In Merida, it is possible to arrange a shuttle that will take you to Valladolid after visiting the ruins.

Our lodging in Valladolid: Gayser Apartments

Day 20: If you are traveling by car, you can drive to Rio Lagartos, where a lively pink lagoon is located. Otherwise you can visit and swim in man of the cenotes scattered around Valladolid. The Cenote Seytun  is exceptional!

Cenote Seytun

Cenote Seytun

Day 21: From Valladolid to Bacalar. Bacalar is a few kilometers long beautiful lagoon. It is said to have not less than 7 shades of blue! 😊 Laguna is  a popular tourist spot for Mexicans, so be sure to book in advance at peak seasons.

Our lodging in Bacalar: Kulu Tubohostel  (if you prefer beach lodging, we recommend The Yak Lakehouse Hostel)

Day 22: Spent the day by the shore. In the hammock. 😊

Laguna Bacalar

Laguna Bacalar

Day 23: From Bacalar to Tulum. Cheaper accommodations are available inside the town, but you will get the real tropical feel right next to the beach. If  of course, you manage to find accommodation for a reasonable price 😊

Our lodging in Tulum: Elements Tulum Boutique Hotel (pretty pricey, we were lucky since there was a special offer )

Day 24: Visit the ruins of Tulum! Inside the complex there is also a beach where you can swimm, which is really great (if there is not too much algae around, that is).

Day 25: Playa del Carmen or Puerto MorelosThe first place is a tourist hit, with a touch of Ibiza, while Puerto Morelos is a more peaceful village. Jump into the water or go to the snorkel tour.

Our lodging in Playa del Carmen: we’d rathere not even mention it because it is advertised as a private apartment, but in fact you end up with one old lady in the studio 😀

Day 26 – 28: Optional – visit one of the islands. Isla Cozumel is a larger island where large cruise ships arrive every day. But diving here is superb, you can also take a course (as we did!). Isla Holbox (where we did not go) is a small island where there are no cars. Between June and September snorkeling / diving with sharks is possible. Yeey! 🙂

Our lodging in Cozumel: La Casona Art & Recycling

Cozumel from the ferry

Cozumel from the ferry

Day 29: From island to Cancun, which is really the “Ibiza” of Central America. Spend a day (and night) partying.

Our lodging in Cancun: Selina Cancun Lagoon

Dan 30: You wave goodbye to the Mexico and fly home…until next time 😉

In any case, you can turn around this Mexico itinerary – you start in Cancun and finish in Mexico City (and then fly back to Cancun if necessary). We usually prefer to relax on the beaches at the end. 😉

How much do I have to save for such trip?

Before traveling:

Plane ticket: from Europe approx. 350-600 € (follow Jetradar and Skyscanner to find good offers), from USA for 100€ or even less

Visa: for EU & USA free (included in the plane tciket price). But if you leave Mexico overland, it’s  good to be preparde, because they will try to charge you an exit fee! Read here  how to avoid this.

Insurance: depending on the insurance company you choose. We choose Slovenian one Wiz tujina.

Travel expenses:

Above we have also shared our budget accommodations with you – just to get an idea. However, you can find our detailed overview of travel expenses in Mexico here.

What do I need to pack for one month in Mexico?

Just like Mexico is vast, it is also climate-diverse. While the coast is hot, it can be very cold at night inland. So, going from swimsuit to the winter jacket in one day is not an unusual situation.

• Clothes: 5x underwear, 3x socks, 2x swimsuit, pareo (girls), 5x t-shirt, 2x long sleeve t-shirt, 2x shorts, 1x leggins/sweatpants, 1x jeans, warm jacket / fleece, winterproof jacket, scarf / buff, towel

• Footwear: sneakers, flip flops

• Toiletries (you know what you have in your toilet bag, do you? 🙂 )

• Medicines, repellent, sunscreen

Documents, credit cards and money, health insurance

Gadgets (phone, camera, mp3, chargers, memory card, etc.)

Other: a day bag / backpack, sunglasses, a hat, a travel cushion (really comes in handy on long bus rides), protective bag for backpack, torch, pen + paper (if you are “old school” like us and want to write down your ideas)

• If you do not know at least a few words in Spanish, be sure to take a Spanish dictionary with you! (you can also help yourself with the applications on your phone 😊)


We hope this Mexico itinerary will help you plan your perfect trip! 🙂


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One month Mexico Itinerary




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